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Institute offering cash incentive to early birds

December 11, 2019


The enrollment period for Sealaska scholarship applications will open on Sunday, Dec. 15, for the 2020-2021 school year.

The deadline to apply is March 1, 2020. However, Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) is offering a $50 incentive to those who complete their scholarship application on or before Feb. 1 and who are accepted as scholarship recipients; if selected as a recipient, the $50 will be included in their scholarship award. Scholarships must be filled out and submitted online at or

Awards will be made to Sealaska shareholders and descendants enrolled in accredited colleges, universities and voc-tech schools. The awards are available to full- and part- time students and are given to roughly 400 people per year. The scholarship program was founded by Sealaska and is administered by Sealaska Heritage. In 2018, Sealaska increased the scholarship endowmnet fund by $10 million to a total of $15.7 million. In 2019, Sealaska announced a new program to fund part time students to remove a financial barrier for those who are not able to attend school full time.

Sealaska Heritage Institute is a private nonprofit founded in 1980 to perpetuate and enhance Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures of Southeast Alaska. Its goal is to promote cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding through public services and events. SHI also conducts social scientific and public policy research that promotes Alaska Native arts, cultures, history and education statewide. The institute is governed by a Board of Trustees and guided by a Council of Traditional Scholars, a Native Artist Committee and a Southeast Regional Language Committee.

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