Sealaska Heritage

SCIENCE - High School


SHI encourages teachers to download its materials for use in class.

This program is designed to develop the language of math with the students. The ten units in the program include motivating activities to help the students retain the key vocabulary.

The program is based on the Developmental Language Process, a highly effective vehicle for teaching and learning. Watch an informative video about the process here

Grade 9


Grade 10

  • Science A-1 (Unit 1) (Download)
  • Concepts of Physical Science B-1 (Units 1-2) (Download)
  • Concepts of Life Science C-1 (Units 1-3) (Download)
  • Concepts of Earth Science D-1 (Unit 1) (Download)
  • Cultural, Social, Personal Perspectives & Science, History & Nature of Science, Science & Technology, E-1, F-1, G-1 (Download)


Grade 11

  • Science as Inquiry and Process, Concepts of Physical Science, Concepts of Life Science, A-1, B-1, C-1 Units (Download)
  • Concepts of Earth Science, Science & Technology, Cultural, Social, Personal Perspectives, and Science, D-1, E-1, F-1 Units (Download)