Sealaska Heritage



SHI's exhibits are currently closed to in-person visitors. To view online versions of our War & Peace exhibit, see the links below. 

Main galleryOur Grandparents’ Names on the Land explores ancient place names and the innovative inventions that were used to catch halibut and salmon. It includes three sections: Native Voices on the LandSalmon People; and Halibut, Attack the Hook! Offered on interactive platforms, all three sections offer a window into how Native people historically survived and thrived in the region, said SHI President Rosita Worl.

“Indigenous people have lived in Southeast Alaska for more than 10,000 years, and during that time, our people invented ingenious tools to catch salmon and halibut and to sustain fish populations. Our people also documented important places, including subsistence areas, through names,” Worl said. “Our goal is to share this knowledge with the public and to honor the ingenuity of our ancestors"...(more) (News Story)

Back galleryWar and Peace delves into traditional Tlingit laws, the consequences for breaking them and the complex peace ceremonies that ended conflicts and restored balance. It explains the application of Tlingit laws, traditional dispute resolution processes, and the consequences of failing to atone for infractions. When laws were broken, and if conflicts were not resolved to restore peace, the consequence would be war...(more) (See Online Exhibit) (See 3-D Tour) (News Story)