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Haa Aaní - Our Land: Tlingit & Haida Land Rights & Use

Haa Aaní, Our Land
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Haa Aaní, Our Land, is a re-issue of "Possessory Rights of the Natives of Southeast Alaska" by Walter Goldschmidt and Theodore H. Haas. The new version, published by the University of Washington Press, is edited by Dr. Thomas F. Thornton, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alaska Southeast, in Juneau.

Haa Aaní, Our Land publishes this monumental study in book form for the first time. It includes reminiscences by Walter Goldschmidt, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at UCLA, and the original author of the federal document. Goldschmidt and the late Theodore Haas, Chief Counsel to the Office of Indian Affairs, conducted the research for this project throughout Southeast Alaska in 1946.

Besides the original document, Haa Aaní, Our Land includes original testimony from the 88 Alaska Native witnesses consulted in 1946, a detailed bibliography, index of names, clans and resources, and an essay by Dr. Thornton, "Who owned Southeast Alaska: an answer to Goldschmidt & Haas."

Walter R. Goldschmidt and Theodore H. Haas. Edited with an introduction by Thomas F. Thorton. Seattle: University of Washington Press. Paperback.