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Dictionary of Tlingit--compiled by Keri Edwards

Dictionary of Tlingit
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Sealaska Heritage Institute's Dictionary of Tlingit is the product of years of documentation of the Tlingit language with assistance from fluent Elders. It's a must-have resource for language learners and for people who are interested in learning more about the Tlingit culture.

The Dictionary of Tlingit is the first to include nouns and verbs and all the minor word categories such as adjectives, adverbs, and interjections in a single resource. The vast majority of the verb forms have never before been documented or published. It also includes example sentences for most of the entries, which illustrates the words in a context.

Compiled by linguist Keri Edwards with assistance from Anita Lafferty, John Marks, June Pegues, Helen Sarabia, Bessie Cooley, David Katzeek, and Fred White.

Published by Sealaska Heritage Institute, 2010. Funded through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans. Cover art by Robert Davis Hoffmann.