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Mentor Apprentice Program


SHI is sponsoring mentor-apprentice teams in three communities in an effort to revitalize the Tlingit language. Through the program, SHI is training mentors and apprentices in the latest language immersion teaching methods, which have shown to be highly effective in helping students learn languages. SHI is sponsoring the program in Sitka, Yakutat and Juneau.

In Sitka, fluent Tlingit speaker-mentor Ethel Makinen will pair with apprentice Jamie Bradley, and mentor Anne Johnson will teach Duane Lindoff. SHI will partner with Sitka Tribes of Alaska and work with community liaisons Tristan Guevin and Heather Powell. In Yakutat, mentor Lena Farkas will pair with apprentice Jaclyn Milton. SHI will partner with the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and work with community liaison Amanda Porter. In Juneau, mentor Selena Everson will teach Hans and Jessica Chester, mentor Paul Marks will teach apprentice Ishmael Hope and mentor David Katzeek will pair with apprentice Joshua Jackson. Marsha Hotch will serve as community liaison.

This program is funded through a grant from the Administration of Native Americans for Language Preservation and Maintenance...(more)

Mentor-Apprentice Teams
Jamie Bradley and Ethel Makinen of Sitka
Selina Everson, Hans Chester and Jessica Chester of Juneau
Paul Marks and Ishmael
Hope of Juneau
Jaclyn Milton and Lena
Farkas of Yakutat
David Katzeek and Joshua Jackson of Juneau
Anne Johnson (not pictured) and Duane Lindoff of Sitka

Photos by Brian Wallace


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