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Tlingit Language Podcast

This language podcast is dedicated to supporting language learners, teachers, and speakers. It was produced by Sealaska Heritage Institute—a regional, Native nonprofit serving the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian—in partnership with SERRC—Alaska’s Educational Resource Center.
Compiled by SHI Language Coordinator Katrina Hotch, a language learner, and funded by the Department of Education Alaska Native Education Program.
Content of this podcast does not necessarily represent the policy of DOE, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

Food: Lingít

Lingít vocabulary for some common and traditional foods with a few examples of how to answer the question "What are you eating?" Tlingit audio by Johnny Marks, June Pegues, Marsha Hotch, David Katzeek, Nora Marks Dauenhauer, and Fred White.
File food_lingit.mp4 (9.13 MB)

Part 1 of series with language learners and teachers

In this interview, Susie shares what she enjoys about her language as well as different strategies for language learning.
Audio icon learner_se.mp3 (7.97 MB)

Buildings: X̱aad Kíl

Begin learning the X̱aad Kíl vocabulary for common buildings through audio by Claude Morrison and Ben Young.

Confusing pairs, part 3

This episode has words that differ by only one or two sounds. In this episode, the differences are explained and samples of the words are pronounced by fluent speakers Nora Marks Dauenhauer, David Katzeek, Fred White, and Marsha Hotch.

Buildings: Sm'algya̱x

Begin learning the vocabulary for common buildings through Sm'algya̱x audio by David A. Boxley and Donna May Roberts.

The letter "Tl"

The "Tl" is another one of the more difficult sounds. This episode has examples of the sound in different words. Fluent speaker examples by Johnny Marks, June Pegues, Marsha Hotch, and David Katzeek.
Audio icon the letter_tl.mp3 (3.43 MB)

Verbs Part 1

Examples of common verbs - singular and plural. Fluent speaker examples by Nora Dauenhauer.
File verb_part_1.mp4 (16.9 MB)


This episode provides examples of vocabulary of opposites in Tlingit. Challenge yourself to figure out what each pair means. The translations don't come until the end. Fluent speaker examples by Johnny Marks and June Pegues.
File opposites.mp4 (5.12 MB)

Tools Part 1

Vocabulary for tools and how to ask what tool a person has or needs. Fluent speaker examples by Nora Dauenhauer and Fred White.
File tools_part_1.mp4 (16.32 MB)

Places Part 2

Learn the words for different locations and answer the question “What do you see?” Fluent speaker examples by Marsha Hotch, Nora Dauenhauer, and David Katzeek.
File places_part_2.mp4 (21.67 MB)