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Marlene Johnson

Marlene JohnsonSlath Jaa Klaa Lákooti

Nation: Tlingit

Moiety: Yéil (Raven)

Clan: T'akdeintaan (Sea Pigeon)

House: Taax Hít (Mt. Fairweather House a.k.a. the Snail House)

Residence: Lives in Juneau and also retains a residence in Hoonah.

Childhood: Born in Hoonah 

Parents: Robert and Elsie Greenewald, one of fourteen children.

Family: Husband - Clifford Leo Johnson

Children: 3 sons and 2 daughters (grown)  

Grandchildren: 13 

Education: Attended school in Hoonah and Juneau public school systems, Graduating from Juneau-Douglas High School. Attended vocational training under the BIA in accounting and personnel management. Trained in management, financial management and personnel at the University of Oregon and Washington State University. Completed Administrative Law: Fair Hearing as well as Logic and Opinion Writing courses at the National Judicial College, University of Nevada, Reno.

Present Positions Held: State of Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission, Commissioner (Dec 16, 1996 - present); serves on the University of Alaska School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences advisory council (1992 - Present); serves on the Southeast Alaska Selective Service Board, is the past Chairman (1981 - Present); National Advisory Committee member to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the Healthy Nations Program and The Improving the Health of American Indians (1992 - Present); serves as a Trustee on the Sealaska Heritage Institute, which provides scholarships and preserves and records Southeast Alaska Native Culture (1990 - Present).

Past Positions Held: Manager of Shareholder Services for Huna Totem Corporation and coordinator of Huna Heritage Foundation (Jan 1, 1995 - Dec 1, 1996); Shareholder Service Coordinator for Huna Totem Corporation, and coordinated the activities of Huna Heritage Foundation (1992 - 1995); Chairman of Sealaska Corporation (1982 - 1992); Part owner and Vice President of a regional air taxi, acted as the sales and personnel manager; and managed the Hoonah Station as well as the other outpost agents (1969 - 1982); Accountant for Coastal Glacier Seafood's in Hoonah Alaska, (1961 - 1968); Appointed by the Governor to serve on the Rural Governance & Empowerment Commission (1998); Present: Board of Trustee of Huna Heritage Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to preserve the culture of the Huna people (1992); Served on the Board of Directors of Sealaska Corporation, was one of the original incorporators of Sealaska represented the Corporation on several other Boards of Directors such as United Bank Alaska, Ocean Beauty Seafood and AFN (1971 - 1995); Served on the Board of Directors of Huna Totem Corporation (1972 - 1992); Served as a Vice President on the Tlingit and Haida Central Council, Executive Committee, the regional tribal governing body (1961 - 1980); Served on RurAL CAP Board of Directors; as its President for 8 years, during which time helped form Alaska Federation of Natives and lobbied for the passage of Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and later ANILCA (1964 - 1985); Served as an elected member to the Hoonah School Board, was the President for 15 years (1961 - 1986); Served on Hoonah Indian Association (IRA Council); Board of Directors and assisted them in writing grant applications and implementing programs (1967-1985); Served on the Hoonah, Tlingit and Haida Community Council, was the secretary/treasurer for several years and established the Hoonah Cable TV for them (1960-1980);

Other Boards and Commissions: Served on a number of other Boards and Commissions for the community and State including: State of Alaska Health Systems Agency; State of Alaska Governor's Interim Commission on Children and Youth; The Governors Review Commission on Native Services; The Governors Task force on Tort Reform; The State Personnel Board; The State Public Employees Retirement Board; The Alaska Labor Relations Agency; The Alaska Railroad Labor Relations Agency; The State Reapportionment Board; The Governor's Transition Team; The Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau, first Board of Directors; The University of Alaska Presidential Search Committee; The University of Alaska Foundation; The Alaska Committee & Alaska Legal Service Board.

Marlene Johnson is one of the five original incorporators of Sealaska Corporation and has served as the Chairman of the Board, retiring in 1995. She has served on a number of State Boards and commissions (listed above). Ms. Johnson has also served as a former director of the Tundra Times.

1991,1990,1989 Nominated as one of Alaska's 10 outstanding women
1989 Alaska Legislature commendation for public service
1985-1991 Outstanding Women of America award
1986 AASA Mackinnon Education Excellence & Human Recognition
  Award for High Standards & Ideals in Education
1985 American Indian Opportunity - Recognition for Outstanding Service
1983-1989 Who's 'Who in America
1987-1995 Who's Who in American Business
1990-1994 Benton's Who's Who International
1993 RWJ Foundation Distinguished Service Award 
1995 Alaska Federation of Natives Citizen of the Year Award
2002 Alaska Democratic Party's Lifetime Achievement Award