Sealaska Heritage


SHI’s work shaped nation

Sealaska Heritage Institute’s work on the Tlingit language was chosen by a federal humanities agency as one of 50 projects in the country that has enriched and shaped American lives during the last half century.

Family Event
Baby raven reads

SHI will sponsor a family event for Baby Raven Reads, an early literacy program. Alaska Native families with children ages birth to 5 are invited to join us Oct. 17. (Flyer)

Job Openings

We have three job openings: Sealaska Heritage is recruiting for a retail manager, an operations administrative assistant and a deputy director of education.

In the news:
Art sale off

A Massachusetts college that planned to liquidate its Native art collection has called it off. The pieces are from 52 tribes, including Tlingit and Haida items that might be sacred. Now the country’s oldest theology school could get dinged with penalties as feds investigate.

In the news:
Glass Posts In!

How many people does it take to lift a 600-pound, six-foot Tlingit warrior? At least six. And if that warrior happens to be made of glass? As many as you can find. Last week in the clan house (Shuká Hít) of the Walter Soboleff Building, a small group of volunteers helped Tlingit artist Preston Singletary carefully move his latest art pieces.

In the News:
Peck Donation

SHI President Rosita Worl stands over a table of photographs of ancestors in regalia, Alaska Native Brotherhood meetings and less formal gatherings–relaxing around a table for dinner. “Here look at this. ANB people and traditional leaders. Ooo, I see my grandmother over there!” she exclaims.